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Great, but...

The wait for passes is incredibly long, the choices are sometimes extreme, and oftentimes the choices you make don’t matter. Like why should it cost diamonds for MC to agree to go to Alex’s bday party? It’s her boyfriend. Or why does it cost diamonds to acknowledge Jason when he’s standing on the front step and being nice to MC? Again it’s her boyfriend. It’s odd. The stories are pretty interesting for the most part, but sometimes the dialogue is awkward, or grammatically incorrect. The chapters need to be proofread more thoroughly in the future. It would also be great if the books were more cohesive. It feels like a restart for every book of Campus Hacker. Not to mention, there’s cute guys everywhere, and you’ve developed a friendship with the guys at Waterloo only to randomly fall in love with Javier?! It makes no sense. I’d love to give this app more stars, but I’d like to see some improvements first.


I love the story’s campus hackers stories. The only thing I don’t like is how long it takes to get the tickets for the stories.

Lovely app!

LOVE THIS APP!! But could you please make the stories a bit longer?? The creativities are amazing 💞😁☺️

Can’t get past the agreement screen after upgrading phone

My phone software automatically updated when i swapped to an upgraded phone. When will it be compatible with the new iOS software?


Will be there a smart girl #3 book

Great storylines but wast of money!

I’m currently reading Alex the ring part two. I love the storyline but with how the app is set up, I’m spending so much money just to read the book. When you give so three options to choose from but two of them cost diamonds. You truly limit the reader to not choose what they want. I can’t afford to spend $14.99 a day just to follow along.

5 stars

I absolutely love this game... #addicted

Better than Most

It’s really good but waiting that long for 1 I repeat 1 pass is just to long Maybe give mor passes at the dream :)

My Self amazing

I really like the game, wish we had better ways to get diamonds.

Love it

So much fun and very entertaining

LOVE IT (but some suggestions)!

I absolutely LOVE this app, I think it’s a really nice app it’s a lot like choices... but I think I like this better. I do have some suggestions tho. I want to be able to hold more that two tickets at once, and I wish the story you’re on goes right to home so you don’t have to click anything but your story. Otherwise I think it’s a great app! There is ONE other thing that just personally annoys me... I wish there were more romance stories. Those are my only suggestions. AWESOME APP!!! ❤️❤️❤️


The stories are ok, but I don’t like that the tickets take so long to regenerate.Ive been trying for the longest to get the free ticket for reading five stories in 6 hours but it takes too long could you please fix this. Also they only give you three options of outfits to wear through out the whole story boring I have already worn those three outfits several times need more outfits to choose from.


Very interactive. Hooked by first episode I read. Wish there was more tickets to go to the next part, but it also build the suspense. Wish some of the decisions didn’t cost as many diamonds as they do, as well. But it makes you choose carefully. Amazing game. Love it. Thank you for making it!


I like the app I just wish the timer was not so long but I get it is for the suspense


I think it’s interesting that there’s no non who’re or black characters. I’m viewing my home screen book covers and I don’t see any. That’s disappointing and unrealistic.

It’s fine

Some of the stories have like no depth. Or kind of ramble. A lot of the choices require money, and if you don’t it gives you a pretty stupid option with a stupid outcome. Still going to try some of the other stories!

Pricing is ridiculous

I absolutely love the game but to have to pay in these diamonds for something good to happen in the story is absolutely ridiculous. I want to read a great story and enjoy it but not spend almost $10 a chapter doing so. Having to spend actual money is the main reason I’ll probably delete the game. Losing business shouldn’t be at the top of your list.

Love the stories

I really love Alex I finished the ring and the past more then three times, I need more Alex the ring please I’m tired of playing the same chapters over and over when is chapter 6 coming?????


i’ve been playing this game for months now but, i’m getting pretty bored of it. Choices don’t really matter in the story nor you can choose your love interest. Art is okay & outfits are meh. Campus hackers plot is boring not a lot of drama to it, it doesn’t even seem like they’re in college because most scenes shown are in Waterloo. This app really could’ve been something since paid choices are actually really affordable and provide A LOT of options to get free diamonds. But, i don’t know a lot of stuff needs to be improved: mostly plot, grammar, and overall storyline.

Don’t buy!!!

It’s like any other story game. DONT BUY

love it but..

i love it but when i downloaded the app there was a picture of the pregnancy scare and i can’t find which episode that is ? i’m not sure why it won’t show up or maybe i just can’t find it.

Good stuff

Good game

Its better than anticipated

I honestly thought it wouldn’t live up to my favorite app. But, the gems and how i can get more for F R E E i totally love it. Ive been playing yearbook and i love carl and his likeness of Benedict cumberbatch. All the stories are good at the very least with some amazing exceptions. 10/10 would recommend.

I want "Past calling book2"

OMG! This app is amazing.the only problem is sometimes we want to choose many things,but the story doesn't let us! For example in the book"Campus Hacker" i didn't want to be in a relationship with that Javier guy,but the story made him my boyfriend!That's the only problem.The stories are amazing! This is the best app for reading stories and make decisions. My favorites are "Past calling" and "Campus Hacker".and I have a request.Please please please upload Past calling book 2.I'm realy in loooove with this book,specially little cute Elena*_* the scene she shows herself as a little girl again N apologizing for breaking my character's doll tears me hard .it realy shows how clean n kind a little girl could be.thank you sooooo much

I completely hate it.

People say it’s good,but it’s not. It is very anime doesn’t do what you want. You shouldn’t download this app. I’m giving it a one star because it told me too. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! I’m not judging it by its cover, I’m telling the truth. And when you download the game you’ll tell the truth that you hate it. These other people are just saying they like it so they can be “Kind” but telling the “truth” is better. It helps the world. Please don’t download the game. Last warning! Don’t download it! You’ll hate it!!!!

Love it!!!

Best choices game I’ve found! I love that you can do things to earn diamonds without having to pay. It unfortunately takes a LOT of diamonds to make good choices but it’s still a good idea to have other ways to get diamonds.


I like this app a lot, but some of the stories have typos and are a little hard to understand. I also wish that the wait time for tickets was a little faster. It’s a fun game and all, but it does have its downsides. I think I would recommend this game if you love stories in game like this!!

Alex untolded

When will chapter 7 of Alex will come out?

I like it

Please add more to Alex from untold Darkness I like this one.


I love this app but I wish there were more books on the campus hacker series I love that they have about every famous genre in there books and it don't take very much space on your phone it is an awesome app if you like episode than you will LOVE my shelf I RECOMMEND this app


This game has had its ups and downs and provides the readers with a great experience in immersing them into the stories and getting you hooked. My main concern with these stories, especially Campus Hacker (in which I’m currently reading) is how the app enforces what they want upon you. Overall it does have a great plot, but my interests were in the characters Peter and Alex, but the app restricted my ability to end up with those two because its plot already chose Javier and Norman to be my lovers. This predetermined fate for my character surely made my reading experience less pleasurable as I was unable to end up in a relationship spanning the story line with the men I wished to be with, which truly upset me and really destroyed my gameplay and all the time spent into it. Plus the tickets take a total of 4 hours to recharge, and you have to wait a ridiculous amount of time (2 hours) just for one ticket!

Using diamonds

I like the app but I’ve run into a problem. When I’m clicking the screen to continue the dialog. I continue to accidentally waste my diamonds on choices I didn’t want. There should be a verification screen, on wether or not you want to spend the diamonds. Because I’m losing diamonds I’m saving up and it’s really annoying.

It’s great

You know when you read a good story and it could comes to a point that you have to give gems to do this action, and when you have no more gems you get frustrated then you have to go to another episode your reading and get those gems. All my saying is if you can add Daily rewards every day we open our app and at the first day we get 10 gems, the second we get 30, third day we get 60, on the fourth we get 75 and on the fifth we get 100. Or you can do ten days add we get gems every day then we start all over for day one

Unnecessary use of diamonds

I am on Alex- The Ring season two and when Max asked my character if she would help him look for a birthday gift for Alex, the options were: “of course”-20 diamonds, “I guess so”-12 diamonds, and refuse for free. When I pressed refuse, my character ended up helping him with it anyway. If someone pressed those other 2 choices, then that would be a waste of diamonds that they earned or bought. There are others if you like to know more...

From Stud to Dud

I started with the Untold Darkness stories and those are by far the best. I liked Campus Hacker until I was basically forced to date one character (I initially wanted Dean, then I fell in love with Tony (he’s so gorgeous) but Javier is awesome too) and then he was taken away from me. The yearbook isn’t too bad but I wasn’t really excited to play those stories...they more just gave me something to do. I enjoy the Smart Girls story besides the fact that I got stuck with glasses the entire story since I chose them at the beginning for one event but otherwise I found the new stories, especially The Chat History terribly boring, I only play it for diamonds. I really hope y’all come up with some better stories otherwise I’ll be deleting the app soon :/

I hate it!!

It has no skin color for asian girls or light brown girls. It only has straight hair!! I think the app was only thinking about light and dark people, nobody in between.

Campus hacker

I’ve been playing campus hacker and I made it obvious that I wanted to date Norman and now some how I am dating a police officer from Spain??? I picked all the least happy answers but it still happened 😡😡 what’s the point of making it choice based if it doesn’t really do anything

Not worth your time

Overall the game is boring like the stories are very boring and eventually get confusing over time. All of the choices that help benefit the story cost diamonds and the ones that don’t help with the story at all are the options you get. It’s just a waste of time and space and the graphics are horrible. You also get limited customization. Overall it’s a waste of time and space and I would not recommend it to anyone to be honest.

Not impressed

Wasn’t impressed by this app!

Too Much Waiting

To compare with other story-based games that I have played from Apple Store, this app has some of better stories and characters. However that’s it. There are multiple things that are still lacking. 1. Passes (2x max) only can be gotten after waiting 4 hours. Other apps allow flexibility in readings by giving out passes for only half an hour. This waiting time decreases customer retention. 2. It takes too long to get diamonds, because of the passes. Not only that, why not giving an option to allow ads so that non-premium users can contribute in the revenue stream to get slightly extra diamonds? 3. Choices that are great can only be made by using diamonds. Earning diamonds are very much difficult.

Needs to be fixed ASAP

I don’t appreciate that you do not have people that are lightskin they have four skin tones and one is black and the others are all the same 🙄SMH


I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this app, wonderful job with all the creativity in making the stories. Every story has its own unique factors, which is one of the many reasons you got me hooked. If there is anyway possible in making the stories longer, could you? Most of the stories are about 15 episodes long. In my opinion that isn’t necessarily that long. A minor suggestion I may have is if there were a possibility in readers to create their own unique stories. I have been writing a magical realism story for school and my teachers believe it has potential in being published.

Nice game

I like this kind of game


Love this story you choose game!!

Awesome game!

I love this game especially Campus Hacker book 3 because I found the love of my life when my character went to Spain. This game is very addicting and I can’t stop playing it!!!

I love it

I have been really enjoying it and I got so envloed with the one story called past calling


Keep going with the story of the past and ghost that one is so exciting


Omg I love this game. I wish we can get through two chapter with one ticket.

Amazing 😝🤪😆😜🤩

Best out of all choice games! Everything is reasonably priced and they give you 2 tickets every few hours! I love this game and I am hooked on Norman and this game

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