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Not working

I was trying to read campus hacker but once I opened it it said that the story was over can you please fix this?


I lost 5 tickets because it kept saying chapter complete but I didn’t even get to read the chapter.

Wouldn’t let me read

I just downloaded the app today. When I go to start a new story it automatically says “chapter ended” and will not let me restart it. It did this for three separate stories.

It’s got issues

Every time I go on the app to read another chapter in the story it acts like it’s taking me to it but doesn’t it uses the life and I’m not able to do anything


I have played this game and enjoyed it. Until this happened. It skips chapters for me! I open the game, watch the stupid ads, then it congratulates me for completing a chapter that I never got to play.

Wasting passes

Wasting passes on Campus Hackers 2 and 3 as they are telling me I have finished the chapter and it would cost me another pass to restart it. How is the even possible?!? I haven’t read them yet!

It’s broke

When I load a new chapter of any of the stories it automatically says I finished it.

Stories are great...but...

Well, I am absolutely in love with the stories that are written on here. I really/play ALOT of choose your own story things and this one is top! However...the writing could use some work! I’ve wanted to MC to be with certain men in each story, but it’s like once they make the choices to be together, all of the sudden the next chapter MC is pining after someone else!! Or not given the choice and just happens to fall into someone else’s arms; no break up, no explanation, nothing. So...we need to have a little more structure and realistic flow of the stories of they are to move on from guy to guy. That’s all I got right now. I’ll add more later.


I’ve read both of the Untold Darkness stories and I swear they read like BAD FanFiction! The stories would be good if the writer’s could actually be consistent. They’re also riddled with typos and horrid grammar. Who’s writing this? My thirteen year old son? Definitely not worth the gems.

Good but............

FSo,I got the app but it takes so long to download but I don’t know if it is the aria I am in but it it a good app.jdjfjrjejdnfndmdjdnjfjfjfkdkekdjrjfjfjfjfjfjfjgjfjgjgjgjgjfjjfnfjfjgjgjgjtjtjgjtjgjitieijrfjtjhtjgjtjgjtjtjgjtjjtjtjtjtjjtgitjjfjtjtitjjtjtjttjitjtitjtjtjtjrkrijekejrjrjrjrjjtjgjjtjfjfjfjfjjjjjjjjjjfjrjekekkfkfjfjjfjfjjjjjjjjjjjttjtjfjjrjdjfjdjdjfjfnfnfnjfjfjfjfjjfhghghghghghghththththeijemdekdkfnfnfnnfnfnfnfnfnfjfnfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjtjjttjjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjjttjjtjtjtjjtjtjtjrjrjrjrjjtjtjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjtjtjjtjtjtjtjjtjtjrjtjtjtjtjtjjtjtjrjrjrjtjfjjrjfjfjfjfjfjfjjfjjrjjfjfjfjfjhfhfhfhthththhththththththththhthththththhththththhttjjrkwldlmcmfkgnjtngjghghgjdjeiieifkfjfjfjjgjtjtjtkjffjfjfjfjfjfjrjfhhfhfhduejjsjsjsjjsiddfhf(ffjcjfjfjjfjfjfjfjfhrhrhiirjrjfmfjfjfjjfiriejrjrnfnhthfhfhfhfhfhfhfjnjfnfjfjfjfnfjejdjnf

Needs more chapters

I like the game very much it is very addictive to me.But it takes way to long for the chapters to come out and for more hit the floor books

Can’t stop playing!

I own a couple different apps similar to this one including Choices and Episode. Unlike those, this one actually rewards you a good amount of diamonds every now and then. I also love how all the chapters are out so you can play an entire story without having to wait (like Choices). And, unlike Episode, you only have to use your diamonds maybe once per chapter. Episode makes you use so many diamonds that it’s really not worth playing. In all, it’s a great game and I’m really enjoying the story I’m playing!


I really like this game and the reading but it takes way to long for new chapters to be added!!

So many errors in the writing

I started playing Yearbook, and had a lot of confusion because of repeated conversations, dialogue that just didn’t make any sense, and errors where they’d be in the middle of conversation and then suddenly something random was going on with no transition. Wouldn’t recommend it due to this.

Nah i dont like the first story i just read☹️

..the story about campus hacker was off.... why fall inlove with Javier....? U guys started the story about my character and norman... then my character responded i love you to a person i dont like? I thought i can choose? I spend money becauSe i like the story then seriously? my character was not what i wish to be😫😫😫😫i stop reading book 3 chapter 7... my character even flirt with alex? Seriously!!!!!! I was upset last night but i came back anyway... my second book was “HIT THE FLOOR” i only like ken... i want my character to only date with him... but i think i need to stop reading because shes flirting with other guys which i dont agree with it... ... nvm not exciting anymore ...such a waste of time...

I hate it

THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE download the sims mobile

It started out nice then went down hill..

I really started liking this game then the diamonds come in..I really liked this game but they don't even start you off with any diamonds then A LOT i mean A LOT of choices costs diamonds I hate to be rude and ik this game has to make money but I do not recommend this reading game unless your willing to buy diamonds..


I wish it asked if I wanted to use my diamonds on task and I accidentally taped and lost all my diamonds and I didn’t want to use it on it

This game is killinggg my vibes

I was truly in love with this game. Untold Darkness 1 was what got me into it and I really liked the story but the way it ends just like the 2nd book is so anti climatic. I wanted more especially out of the second book. I was so into it until chapter 15. I was so excited to see my character and Alex get together after all the crazy stuff that happened and then it flat out ended it. I want to continue playing but the chapters come out so slowly, and my heart is broken after how this last one ended. There should be more to the story. Please make them more in depth or at least make the new ones better. Then it will be five stars in my eyes once again:)

I like it

I want more untold Darkness I want the character to become a vampire or something to share a life in the place with Mary etc.

Love it

I just finished reading my first book which is the hacker book and took me about a week to read the first book with out buying anything

Not so pleased

I have spent a good amount of money in this app and in campus hacker I thought that by the second “book” I would finally get to be with Norman but it was like starting from 0 again and I feel like I wasted my money. That’s another thing, this app charges to much and to often. I have tried earning free diamonds but most of the times I don’t get the points which makes me think it doesn’t really work and they only give you 2 passes to play which seems unfair. I’m afraid I eont continue to play the game because I just can’t afford it.


It’s pretty good I guess. I do thinks it’s kind of a copy of Choices. It is like the same thing! But I do feel like Choices is better. I kinda just tried it out but I didn’t like it. I did like how they give many diamonds. The stories were boring (to me at least). That’s all I can think of right now! Bye


I wish it let you really choose what you want.. and with every diamond you could buy other chapters instead it would be more enjoyable.

not for kids

i would not recomend for people under 17. it has cuss words and gae people so if your under 17 dont get this please! im only 12 and i deleted this because of the vilence. i will get this again if u fix the vilence.

Not enough stories

This app needs more stories and needs a lot of things to work on .The stories are boring and sooo bootlegged of episode.

I Am Already Disgusted

I keep seeing this app pop up. It looks like sexing and I am only EIGHT!!!

no choice

the only thing i dont like is that sometimes i have no choice. in campus hacker i didnt want to be with javier but i had no choice..all the answer choices were to be with him. i dont care for him

Love this!!!!!

LOVE this game!!! Love the different stories and that u get to be involved in how they turn out. The only thing that would make it better would be letting me read more at a time.


Best game ever


I finally broke down and bought gems to make choices only to find out i was charged twice and only got one order of gems. Um no. Not only that the stories dont match. The second book is completly diffrent from the first. And your choices dont matter in the end. I dont recommend this for anything. Not worth time or money

It’s okay....


Well written stories

As soon as I got the app choices I became addicted, still am, but the waits were so long I needed a different app to play In between. I finally found this one and I am pleasantly surprised at how well done it is. The artwork is lovely, not all the choices take gems, and there are many choice opportunities In The stories. I only wish there were more stories, and more tickets to start with. Overall I am very pleased with this app. :)

Great but...

The game is really great and the stories are amazing but it takes 2 hours to get one pass, yes 2 hours to get one pass. We also should get more diamond when finishing an episode and story. Also in untold darkness the second book doesn’t even go with the second book. And in campus hacker I kissed dean billions of times and we still can be together and when I spend my precious diamonds for romantic choices the next episode it is like it never happened. Thanks for reading and I hope you can fix these problems because I and many others have complained about this.


Decent storylines and good characters abd thamkfully not plagued with demands to spend diamonds. Gkad go see opportunities to earn too. Wish chapters were longer but if that helps save money I can live with that.

My choices don’t matter!!

I loved lovedd loveddddddd this app so much until book 3 of Campus Hacker. I like Norman and wanted to be with Norman I spent diamonds TO BE WITH NORMAN and the 3rd book comes and none of my choices matter because this new character I just met named Javier? I picked choices that I hoped would help me date Norman officially but nopeeee a waste of my time and money. Buuuut I still kinda love the app or whatever but our choices should effect who we be with!

Only straight characters

It’s not bad but I hate that your character has to be straight, like there is no other option. When I play these games, sometimes I want my character to end up with a man and sometimes and I want her to end up with a woman and none of the books have the option.

Best game

I love it it is the best game in the world but I think it’s kind of inappropriate but thanks

Soooo good

Love the game. Better than episode


When I first started I was playing Hit the Floor and it was so fun and now I am on the 2nd story of Hit the Floor it makes me so happy playing this game when I get mad at my sister or brother I play this game and it calms me down.

Falls Short

I downloaded the app hoping to find some engaging stories full of drama and excitement, but I just couldn’t immerse myself due to ineffective mechanics, a want of relatable protagonists (don’t tell me I can’t like pineapple on pizza), lack of character diversity, and poor understanding of what’s the norm (i.e. the background and events are unrealistic and resemble an inexperienced young adult’s understanding/stereotypes of the real world). First of all, the challenges—those rewards with the medal icon—are nigh impossible to complete unless you actually spend money especially since they’re timed. Spend 50 diamonds to get 50 diamonds? You don’t even receive any diamonds in the beginning, and you only earn 1 diamond for each chapter finished. There are only 9 books, and they all offer chances to spend diamonds in the very first chapter. How are you going to make those choices if you don’t have any diamonds to begin with? At least incentivise the first two choices or so to let readers see what differences can be made to the story (i.e. the worth of spending on a choice). Maybe start out readers with 30-40 diamonds or so and get rid of the ridiculous deadlines for challenges. There aren’t enough tickets to read consistently anyway, so readers would have to buy an extensive amount of diamonds and passes to finish the challenges in time. Another big issue is the failure to be inclusive towards gender, ethnicity, and race. The protagonist can only be female pursuing a male. And in every story I’ve read, the love interests seem to be lacking in diversity. To be frank, they’re almost all white males. And to further encumber this issue, the developers have decided that by making a skin tone darker the protagonist automatically can be considered another race—even if her face is still incredibly Caucasian in structure. As an Asian female, sometimes I’d like to play a girl of my own race. The option on the right, which I assume represents an Asian look, barely looks Asian. I’ve seen some supportive characters with epicanthic folds; I’m sure you could make another Asian face model that’s better than the one given. Unless the face model I’m talking about is actually supposed to be Latina. In that case, there isn’t even a choice to be Asian. In terms of plot, I couldn’t stand the premise of “Untold Darkness: The Ring.” Alex walks in and basically disses libraries which are the biggest hubs for studying and socialization in college on a typical day and tries a really strange pickup method on you. Your friend Sue basically claims that college is for partying and nobody should care about studying and getting a degree (why bother going to college if you don’t care about the degree?). The college party has you dressed up in vintage ensembles probably worth hundreds in real life because, obviously, nobody wears normal clothes to parties (outfits get trashed at parties. What the protagonist is really attending is a formal). And the worst thing is: your main contender for Alex, the romantic antagonist, is set up to be a sorority girl that totally fits the stereotype because she’s a mean, self-conscious bully to other females. This stereotype needs to go. Sororities usually encourage women to support each other, not bring them down! This entire portrayal of college can’t be more inaccurate, and I won’t even go into how ridiculous the concepts of getting fired and dealing with exes are in the premise of “Hit the Floor!” is. Developers, please do your research and make the story/characters more relatable. It’s really off-putting and detracts from the entire experience.


I love this game it’s beyond addicting!!!

Love it!

I love reading the stories and playing the game. I do wish there could be more free stuff or ways to earn the gems and stuff more for free.

I love the stories but...

I love the stories but the wait for tickets is ridiculous. Not to mention the diamond choices. If the time was the same but both tickets got refilled would be better. If earning diamonds didn’t involve going to a website and singing up for spam emails. It would be better. If the storyline choices that cost diamonds were drastically lower it would be the best.

Good !

It is a good game

Stories good, Diamonds rip off

The only thing that gets to me is how expensive the diamonds are on this particular game. And how they make you use a lot. The story lines are steaming though, and a great way to carry on with a non eventful day.

Miffed...give me more ACTUAL choices.

I was in love with Campus Hacker until book three when my character told Javier that I loved him, I had no choice to actually say that I didn’t want to be with him and rather be with Norman. #NormanIsBae I felt that the third book would finally be the time when Norman and my character would chose to be officially together but then they threw in Javier who I don’t care for. Why make me love a character that I’ve gotten to know through more than twenty episodes only to force with to be with a character that my character has only just met and will only be in a small amount of episodes? Not cool. The same thing happened on Hit the Floor when all of a sudden I was going on a date with David and liked him when I just wanted to stay professional with him and date Ken. I didn’t have any choice to turn David’s advances down. Also not cool. I’ve spent a good amount of money on this app but can no longer enjoy the stories seeing that my choices don’t really effect the outcomes.


It’s fun

Omg so addicting!!


Game Shuts Down

After I made a purchase and got 5 passes, the chapter I was in kept shutting down in the same spot (chapter 5) and made me redo the entire chapter. After a few different attempts, I got frustrated and tried another story. Same thing happened, again,.. it shut down in chapter 5 in that story. I even tried checking to see if the app needed an update, but it didn't. I also tried rebooting my phone, and it still didn't fix the issue. I'm not happy about it at all. I wasted money on an app that keeps shutting down on me. 😡

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