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I love this app but I wish there were more books on the campus hacker series I love that they have about every famous genre in there books and it don't take very much space on your phone it is an awesome app if you like episode than you will LOVE my shelf thank you forCOMING UP WITH THIS APP I RECOMMEND IT DEFIANTLY RECOMMEND THIS APP NO DOUTB

Awesome game!

I love this game especially Campus Hacker book 3 because I found the love of my life when my character went to Spain. This game is very addicting and I can’t stop playing it!!!

I love it

I have been really enjoying it and I got so envloed with the one story called past calling


Keep going with the story of the past and ghost that one is so exciting


Omg I love this game. I wish we can get through two chapter with one ticket.

Amazing 😝🤪😆😜🤩

Best out of all choice games! Everything is reasonably priced and they give you 2 tickets every few hours! I love this game and I am hooked on Norman and this game


The stories are ok, but I don’t like that the tickets take so long to regenerate.Ive been trying for the longest to get the free ticket for reading five stories in 6 hours but it takes too long could you please fix this. Also they only give you three options of outfits to wear through out the whole story boring I have already worn those three outfits several times need more outfits to choose from.


Y’all need more skin choices only one black girl people want to relate to the story .

Loving It! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

I reeeeaaaaaaaalllllllly like this game because I really like the stories that it has. They are really fun and amazing. I really like Yearbook 2. When I saw the thing about the hedgehog, I thought, Wow, I’m looking for a hedgehog. It is still a really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really fun game to play. :) 😀

Would be better if choices mattered

I’ve been reading campus hacker and forces me to be with someone that I did not choose??? What is the point in paying for diamonds?

Good, but could be better

It’s a good game I like it but it shouldn’t cost gems for clothes. The clothes should be free and stuff. That’s what I don’t like about this game is that you have to buy gems for clothes and stuff like please make it free in the future. I don’t want to spend money on an Apple gift card

Love till...

Totally in love with EVERY single story!! But then my device freaked out causing me to reset it. When I opened my app it went to an opener that I recognized on other story apps except this one. It told me that I needed a password to get past choosing between two stories I've already read and to regain any past progress I have made. I love the stories! It can be annoying to spend gems on options here and there (but not as much as other story apps, though I can think of one in particular that doesn't have this for EVERY story), but I wish I could have had a way to save my progress before, during, and/or after I had to reset my device.


I would’ve given the app five stars because I LOVE all of the interactive story apps but I think there should definitely be more ways to get keys/tickets and diamonds aside from buying them. No complaints besides that!

All stories

If someone could please tell me how to earn trophies to earn diamonds would be nice. I have five more trophies to get to earn 30 diamonds and I don’t know how to earn trophies. It said to make the right choices in the game, however, I’ve made two choices that were right and it didn’t go towards my trophies. And the help support didn’t help at all.

I like it

I would like to see more fantasy ones please.


I am enjoying this app very much but can’t you give me more diamonds for rewards not just for the end of the chapters but in between as well.

Kind of annoying

I like the game, but it takes way too long to get tickets to play again, and you need diamonds for everything! While I understand the need for people to buy stuff to keep the game going, it’s a bit much. I think you could give more that 1 ticket every 2 hours, most games give 5 in about a 3-4 games.

Won’t work

I’ve tried to get on the app. But, it won’t let me. I can’t get on it at all it won’t load.

Learn English...

The stories are okay... But the writing, more so the actual words than the grammar format, needs a lot of help.. There are misplaced words, missing words, misspelled words, and this has happened in most, if not all, of the books I have read. It happens the most in the Yearbook series though....

More player choices/ realistic dialogue

I really dissatisfied in the amount of choices. If I’m playing romance I should be choosing who I want to be with. This game is more of a read along even if you choose the choice you want the writer still flips the scenario. Kind of childish talking to it should be more grown up if there in college. It seems more middle school bickering and no one should be that old Alice and that boy crazy in college.

No no

Wish it was easier to win diamonds that taking surveys that never give the points


it's, AWESOME. You should add a MAKE YOUR OWN STORY, thing. If not, make an episode where a girl gets raped, and is pregnant. Or a guy who's best friend was raped, and she wants him to be the dad. Either way, make one where she's raped, at the age of 17, or 18, that would go VIRAL 🤓

I’m hooked

I wish they would show more action. It be way better if looked tv as you read

Amazing with only a few flaws

As soon as I got this app I fell in love (well kinda) the stories are amazing getting diamonds isn't impossible and diamonds aren't everything. Only few flaws are passes are difficult to get and not many stories but whatever 🙂

So capturing

I love it

Don’t judge an App by its cover!

Okay, So I would always see ads for this app on Facebook, and because they seemed so ludicrous, I never paid them much mind, I just laughed them off. Then, one day I finally said, “What the heck! “ and downloaded the game. I’m soooo glad I did! This app is awesome! The fact that you can earn gems for free and the prices for extra gameplay are really decent. I’m so glad I have invested money in this game and regret not playing it sooner. I do wish there was more variety in skin tones especially those for people of color, but with the amount of short stories and content, I can play until an update happens I guess. I hope the developers and graphic designers read this review. There are also a few typos, so be sure to review your books before publication. Other than that, this app is here to stay on my phone! Thumbs up!

It's great, but it could use more work

I'm loving your app so far, but the time to wait for passes is long and somewhat annoying to me. I just wish there were more opportunities to earn passes. And with the time limit to read passes using the number of five passes in exchange to one pass isn't worth it in my opinion. I would suggest maybe offering four of five passes in exchange for the passes that we spent earning that one pass. However, It does give a generous amount of time to finish the chapters in order for to get the reward. In some of the stories they don't offer as much time to read the chapters. As bi-sexual woman herself, I would like for this game to explore more with sexual orientation giving more options to date the same gender. Girls aren't the only ones who enjoy playing games like, maybe offering the main character to be a guy wouldn't hurt... On the more positive side of the spectrum, this game is very addicting to play, and I'm starting to fall in live with the main characters in the stories. The main characters have each of their own uniqueness and flaws that make them more lovable as I go further into each if your stories. There's plenty of diversity I. The story, so I don't have to worry about feeling discord from the game. Although, this app has flaws, this is a great app, and I would recommend it to any of my family or friends. Keep up the good work!

Addicting game

I really like this game but I tired of having two passes all the time and I don’t have money to purchase anything please give us more passes


Very disappointed that for me to make the choice that I wanted I had to spend money to buy gems .. it’s a bit ridiculous if you’re gonna have the option to choose it should not cost ppl money..

Not working

I was trying to read campus hacker but once I opened it it said that the story was over can you please fix this?


I lost 5 tickets because it kept saying chapter complete but I didn’t even get to read the chapter.

Wouldn’t let me read

I just downloaded the app today. When I go to start a new story it automatically says “chapter ended” and will not let me restart it. It did this for three separate stories.

It’s got issues

Every time I go on the app to read another chapter in the story it acts like it’s taking me to it but doesn’t it uses the life and I’m not able to do anything


I have played this game and enjoyed it. Until this happened. It skips chapters for me! I open the game, watch the stupid ads, then it congratulates me for completing a chapter that I never got to play.

Wasting passes

Wasting passes on Campus Hackers 2 and 3 as they are telling me I have finished the chapter and it would cost me another pass to restart it. How is the even possible?!? I haven’t read them yet!

It’s broke

When I load a new chapter of any of the stories it automatically says I finished it.

Stories are great...but...

Well, I am absolutely in love with the stories that are written on here. I really/play ALOT of choose your own story things and this one is top! However...the writing could use some work! I’ve wanted to MC to be with certain men in each story, but it’s like once they make the choices to be together, all of the sudden the next chapter MC is pining after someone else!! Or not given the choice and just happens to fall into someone else’s arms; no break up, no explanation, nothing. So...we need to have a little more structure and realistic flow of the stories of they are to move on from guy to guy. That’s all I got right now. I’ll add more later.


I’ve read both of the Untold Darkness stories and I swear they read like BAD FanFiction! The stories would be good if the writer’s could actually be consistent. They’re also riddled with typos and horrid grammar. Who’s writing this? My thirteen year old son? Definitely not worth the gems.

Good but............

FSo,I got the app but it takes so long to download but I don’t know if it is the aria I am in but it it a good app.jdjfjrjejdnfndmdjdnjfjfjfkdkekdjrjfjfjfjfjfjfjgjfjgjgjgjgjfjjfnfjfjgjgjgjtjtjgjtjgjitieijrfjtjhtjgjtjgjtjtjgjtjjtjtjtjtjjtgitjjfjtjtitjjtjtjttjitjtitjtjtjtjrkrijekejrjrjrjrjjtjgjjtjfjfjfjfjjjjjjjjjjfjrjekekkfkfjfjjfjfjjjjjjjjjjjttjtjfjjrjdjfjdjdjfjfnfnfnjfjfjfjfjjfhghghghghghghththththeijemdekdkfnfnfnnfnfnfnfnfnfjfnfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjtjjttjjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjjttjjtjtjtjjtjtjtjrjrjrjrjjtjtjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjtjtjjtjtjtjtjjtjtjrjtjtjtjtjtjjtjtjrjrjrjtjfjjrjfjfjfjfjfjfjjfjjrjjfjfjfjfjhfhfhfhthththhththththththththhthththththhththththhttjjrkwldlmcmfkgnjtngjghghgjdjeiieifkfjfjfjjgjtjtjtkjffjfjfjfjfjfjrjfhhfhfhduejjsjsjsjjsiddfhf(ffjcjfjfjjfjfjfjfjfhrhrhiirjrjfmfjfjfjjfiriejrjrnfnhthfhfhfhfhfhfhfjnjfnfjfjfjfnfjejdjnf

Needs more chapters

I like the game very much it is very addictive to me.But it takes way to long for the chapters to come out and for more hit the floor books

Can’t stop playing!

I own a couple different apps similar to this one including Choices and Episode. Unlike those, this one actually rewards you a good amount of diamonds every now and then. I also love how all the chapters are out so you can play an entire story without having to wait (like Choices). And, unlike Episode, you only have to use your diamonds maybe once per chapter. Episode makes you use so many diamonds that it’s really not worth playing. In all, it’s a great game and I’m really enjoying the story I’m playing!


I really like this game and the reading but it takes way to long for new chapters to be added!!

So many errors in the writing

I started playing Yearbook, and had a lot of confusion because of repeated conversations, dialogue that just didn’t make any sense, and errors where they’d be in the middle of conversation and then suddenly something random was going on with no transition. Wouldn’t recommend it due to this.

Nah i dont like the first story i just read☹️

..the story about campus hacker was off.... why fall inlove with Javier....? U guys started the story about my character and norman... then my character responded i love you to a person i dont like? I thought i can choose? I spend money becauSe i like the story then seriously? my character was not what i wish to be😫😫😫😫i stop reading book 3 chapter 7... my character even flirt with alex? Seriously!!!!!! I was upset last night but i came back anyway... my second book was “HIT THE FLOOR” i only like ken... i want my character to only date with him... but i think i need to stop reading because shes flirting with other guys which i dont agree with it... ... nvm not exciting anymore ...such a waste of time...

I hate it

THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE download the sims mobile

It started out nice then went down hill..

I really started liking this game then the diamonds come in..I really liked this game but they don't even start you off with any diamonds then A LOT i mean A LOT of choices costs diamonds I hate to be rude and ik this game has to make money but I do not recommend this reading game unless your willing to buy diamonds..


I wish it asked if I wanted to use my diamonds on task and I accidentally taped and lost all my diamonds and I didn’t want to use it on it

This game is killinggg my vibes

I was truly in love with this game. Untold Darkness 1 was what got me into it and I really liked the story but the way it ends just like the 2nd book is so anti climatic. I wanted more especially out of the second book. I was so into it until chapter 15. I was so excited to see my character and Alex get together after all the crazy stuff that happened and then it flat out ended it. I want to continue playing but the chapters come out so slowly, and my heart is broken after how this last one ended. There should be more to the story. Please make them more in depth or at least make the new ones better. Then it will be five stars in my eyes once again:)

Love it

I just finished reading my first book which is the hacker book and took me about a week to read the first book with out buying anything

Not so pleased

I have spent a good amount of money in this app and in campus hacker I thought that by the second “book” I would finally get to be with Norman but it was like starting from 0 again and I feel like I wasted my money. That’s another thing, this app charges to much and to often. I have tried earning free diamonds but most of the times I don’t get the points which makes me think it doesn’t really work and they only give you 2 passes to play which seems unfair. I’m afraid I eont continue to play the game because I just can’t afford it.

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